Prescribed Courses (12 Credits)

CMAS 258 (HD FS 258) Introduction to Child Maltreatment and Advocacy Studies (3) Introduction to the multidisciplinary field of child maltreatment.

CMAS 465 (HD FS 465) Child Maltreatment: Prevention and Treatment (3) Advanced examination in approaches for preventing child maltreatment and treating its consequences.
Prerequisite: CMAS 258 (HD FS 258)

CMAS 466 (NURS 466) Systems and Community Responses (3) An exploration of the multidisciplinary response to child maltreatment.
Prerequisite: CMAS 258 (HD FS 258)

CMAS 493 Child Maltreatment and Advocacy Studies: Capstone Experience (1-3 per semester) This course serves as the capstone experience for students enrolled in the Child Maltreatment and Advocacy minor.
Prerequisite: CMAS 258 (HD FS 258) Concurrent: CMAS 465 (HD FS 465), CMAS 466 (NURS 466)