Understand the definitions of abuse and neglect and the maltreatments that fall into those realms. Read maltreatment facts at a glance and get to know victimization risk factors and protective methods.

The Keep Kids Safe PA website hosts a wealth of information on Pennsylvania definitions, laws, guidelines, and processes that pertain to child maltreatment. There is also information on identifying and reporting suspected child abuse and neglect.

Read the U.S. Department of Health’s 2014 annual report on child maltreatment to see the national scale of this problem in hard numbers.

Child Maltreatment 2013 is the 24th edition of the annual report on childhood abuse and neglect data collected by the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System. This report is based on federal fiscal year 2013 data submitted by 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

The Section on Child Maltreatment is the only permanent organization within the American Psychological Association dedicated to addressing issues related to child abuse and neglect. Section members receive newsletters on policy issues and new innovations in the field. Other opportunities include networking with colleagues, curriculum guides on education and training, professional development/leaderships workshops, and awards for outstanding contributions in teaching, research, and practice. To join, visit

Human Trafficking

Know the definition of human trafficking and find resources on how to request assistance for a victim of trafficking. 

Stay up-to-date on human trafficking laws and learn about U.S. efforts to curb trafficking nationally and abroad.

Read the congressional policy outline on human trafficking protection and reporting requirements.

Foster Care

Learn how to be a foster parent and understand the foster care system.

Explore the law that lays out guidelines and requirements for guardianship, aid and adoption incentives throughout the foster and adoption system. 


Know the CDC’s recommended definition of head trauma and the causes, consequences and difficulties associated with the diagnosis and treatment of this injury. 

Read the Child Welfare Information Gateway’s report on the physical, psychological and behavioral consequences that abuse can have on children.

Look at how adverse childhood experiences affect lives and societies by examining this longitudinal study from the CDC and the Children’s Bureau. Find out how common ACES are and what can be done to combat their negative effects.